4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator is one of the best creative Eurorack module and it is great to see that 4MS keeps updating its firmware.

Here what’s new in Firmware v.5:

  • 1V/Octave outputs: Control up to 6 external VCOs with 1V/oct CV, for sequences, chords, and melodies
  • Transposition and fine tuning allows the SMR to be quickly tuned to external equipment
  • Forbidden Notes – select notes that will be skipped when rotating or spreading
  • Two-pass resonant filter – lusher tones and tighter filtering of the input signal
  • New major and minor scale banks
  • New intuitive organization and display of scales and banks
  • Env Out Trigger threshold level can be saved independently of channel audio level
  • Reduced noise in controls, cleaned up some scales