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Ableton Live 10 top ten features


Today Ableton announced Live 10 - their upgrade that brings redesigned look, some new devices, native integration with M4L and more.

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I’m really excited about few features here:
- Capture - it records what you’ve played recently even if you didn’t push record button. Sick!!!
- Groups within groups - one of the most wanted features
- Better Push interface (Push now shows EQ bands, Notes in the sequencer view and more)

I was not inspired by new devices actually. While everyone have Serum this days a new Waveform doesn’t make much sense I think…
In the recent Propellerhead Reason 10 upgrade I found those new synths much more inspiring...

And there are still missing features that are must have in 2017:
- MPE support - with all the cool Roli devices it is strange to see no support for MPE
- VST3 support - still not there…
- comping - many users are asking about this. And it is not there.

Overall it is good to see Live finally updated to 10. And I hope they implement more cool stuff in future update.


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