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Ableton releases Probability Pack - free devices for Live 10


Ableton has released new pack of Live devices called Probability Pack (free for Live 10 Suite owners).

Probability Pack is a set of five innovative step sequencers and ideas generators that allow you to add controlled randomization to your composition and performance process. Each sequencer has a unique way of adding subtle or extreme randomization to patterns for unpredictable outcomes. Use these sequencers to generate new ideas, create variations of existing patterns, set up unpredictable, ever-evolving musical textures or combine them all to create complete chaos.

The sequencers were designed for hands-on use with Push, but hardware is not necessary to use them. Probability Pack also comes with custom presets designed by Sonic Faction to show off the expressiveness of each device.

Probability Pack includes:

Melodic Probability DeviceA monophonic step sequencer made for melodies. Set the probability of the event, pitch and octave of each step.

Rhythmic Probability: A polyphonic sequencer made for rhythms. Set the probability of the velocity, length, and event of each step.

Probability Arp: An arpeggiator with a built-in chord generator. Set the probability for rate, note direction (style), length and octave.

Step Divider: A polyphonic sequencer where each step can be divided into any number of smaller subdivisions for glitchy and chaotic results.

Dr. Chaos: A neural network that strings together notes and generates melodies in unpredictable ways.

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