MPC has introduced MPC X and MPC Live standalone units. As previous announcements/leaks were that there will be new MPC running cut down version of Win10.

It is still unclear if it is able to run third-party VSTs on standalone units. Or does it allow running third-party DAWs like Bitwig and run MPC sowtware as a plugin inside bitwig – it could be actually fun as Bitwig is the most touch-screen friendly DAW.

Both devices have “controller” mode to control software on the computer.
And it is also a bit unclear on how to transfer projects from standalone unit to desktop/laptop.

Anyway it is a great update and huge step forward for Akai. We can’t wait response from Native Instruments which seems to be taking completely different route with their last no-display Maschine Jam controller.

What’s new in MPC 2 software:
– New graphical interface
– Audio track recording
– Real Time Time-Stretching and Pitch-Shifting
– Audio and MIDI drag and drop
– Clip Program Mode for Clip Launching
– Reimagined Mixer Layout
– Advanced Signal Routing
– Enhanced QLink Control
– Future support for Ableton Link
– etc