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Alchemy and ROLI Seaboard Rise

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2018 Seems to be all about expression, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Apple’s developers. 

Since v10.2.1 Logic Pro comes with a real fancy feature for those that own an MPE Controller, such as the ROLI or the Linnstrument. It’s called MIDI Mono Mode.

Admittedly, the “Mono” part is a bit confusing in this context since we’re talking about expanding or MIDI capabilities, but just think of it as “One Channel Per Note”

What this means is that every new note you play will be using a dedicated MIDI channel, allowing the Synth to separate control values on a “per note” basis.

The most immediate advantage of this would be PitchBend, now we can play multiple notes and bend them all in different directions, which makes for some truly expressive sounds!

But it doesn’t stop there, this Mono mode also works for Aftertouch/Pressure and Slide/Lift gestures.

At this point your mind should start spinning with questions like:

  • - Does that mean I can have a seperate filter cutoff for each note of a chord? Yes!
  • - Can I also set different reverb levels for individual notes? Well, Yes!
  • - Will this enable me to do space travel and find a society of cats with highly developed Telekinetic powers? Tricky, but certainly possible!

To enable this mode look for the small disclosure triangle at the bottom left of your Logic Instruments.

That’s where you enable Mono Mode, after that you choose a Base Channel (which depends on the controller you’re using, it’s Channel 1 for ROLI products) and you set your controller CC’s

Tip: Definitely try this with Logic’s Sculpture Synth, it’s a really expressive “Physical Modelling” synth which, by nature, allows for some truly amazing MPE Control!

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