ROLI is definitely doing very good things with acquired companies. Some time ago they acquired – a service for music collaboration. And before yesterday it required Dropbox account to keep project backups. 

And yesterday they’ve announced that they release Desktop App which allows to keep your music project backups for FREE on their cloud. 

New Desktop app supports Mac and Win. It is a small app that works similarly to Splice – it seats in your taskbar, on the background it saves your project backups to the cloud and allows to easily recall those. 

“Similar to the way things worked with Dropbox, each project saved to the Blend Desktop App is 

safely backed up and, once published, will be restorable at any point in the future. If you’re using multiple computers for your music production, the Desktop App will keep the 

Blend folder continuously synchronized between them so any changes made on one will be waiting for you on the other. The amount of space available for your music projects to is virtually unlimited – and free!”

Each time you open the Blend Desktop App, you’ll also have quick access to your Notifications and the latest Blend Features.

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