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Bitwig 2.5 to bring Audio slide, Optimization for MacOS, Clip blocks and more

What's New in Bitwig Studio 2.5


Slide-content editing gesture, for shifting the content of clips from the Arranger Panel (and audio events from the Detail Editor Panel)


Concept of clip blocks, for addressing different groups of Launcher clips with new Next Action options

New device: Note FX Selector, for setting up multiple note FX layers and dynamically switching between them



Optimizations on Mac, providing much improved application launch time and better overall performance

When dragging the start or end of Arranger audio clips, contained audio events that overlap are also adjusted

Changing the tempo of audio events via the clip inspector also resizes the clip

Follow Playback option is now set locally within each timeline editor panel

Can now zoom to the current selection by pressing the Z key (pressing it a second time zooms out to the full length of the current editor)

Zooming in and out is faster in the Arranger Timeline Panel

When audio files are added to the arrangement as Raw audio, clip length matches the audio file

When searching in either Browser, closer matches are sorted to the top of the results

Quicker scanning of plug-ins, including less chance that plug-ins will show dialogs during scanning

Ability to filter out plug-ins that exist in different versions (by preferring 64 bit over 32 bit, and/or VST 3 over VST 2) in either Browser

Option to temporarily show filtered plug-ins in either Browser

Added numerous functions (available as user-defined shortcuts) for navigating and controlling your arrangement

All selector devices (Instrument Selector, FX Selector, Note FX Selector) now display which layers are currently active and which are suspended

Record buttons in the Clip Launcher Panel are now shown in red

AKAI APC40 mkII: added option to "scroll by pages" as default (making "scroll by one track" the option when holding SHIFT)


Clip scaling actions (such as Scale 50% and Scale 200%) also scale the clip's loop bracket and start/stop markers

Event snapping in the audio editor is improved when snapping to event boundaries

Sustain pedal data is now properly imported from MIDI files

MIDI clock is no longer offset when pre-roll is in use

The note editor was sometimes unavailable after opening a project

Beta is available for all owners of Bitwig license. You can purchase Bitwig license with discount here: Bitwig at PluginBoutique

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