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GarageBand – a huge step forward

Recent GarageBand update is a huge step forward for making a full-featured DAW. After playing for a few days with the update - I really dig into new features and here’s...

KORG Gadget coming to Mac

This is something I didn't expect from Korg but could be cool for "continuity" thing - starting making track on ipad and continue working on it on a laptop. But what...

Essential Music Apps on Sale

Korg Gadget - best music app of the last few years. Korg keeps updating it adding new features and new modules. Cubasis 2 - one of the best full featured iOS...

Recreating The Prodigy on iPad – Cubasis and Poison 202

Amazing video showing what iPad with few cool music apps is capable of.

Roli brings back Seaboard keyboard from original Noise app

Roli has released a new app called Seaboard 5d. After release of recent update of Noise app original touch-keyboard (emulation of Seabord keyboard) has disappeared and replaced by new Blocks interface....

Image Line updates FL Studio to 12.4

Image Line releases FL Studio 12.4 with new Transistor Bass plugin that is Image Line take on Roland TB-303 (though I can't say it sounds authentic - it has more flat...

Roli updates NOISE with all new interface and Blocks controllers support

ROLI - developer of innovative Seabord and Seabord RISE keyboards has introduced new controllers for their iOS music app - Blocks. And today they have updated their iOS app NOISE with...

Korg ARP ODYSSEi for iOS

Korg has introduced Korg Arp Odyssey as iOS app and a device for Korg Gadget Originally introduced in 1972 - Arp Odyssey is one of the legendary analog synths with recognizable sound....




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