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Keith McMillen introduces new MPE keyboard

Keith McMillen Instruments launched Kickstarter campaign for a new MPE-compatible keyboard. With Roli and Linnstrument impressive products addition of a keyboard by Keith McMillen is very nice for bringing MPE as an industry standard....

Softube adds Roli module to their Modular plugin

Softube has introduced new module for their Softube Modular - Eurorack emulation plugin. Roli is leading manufacturer of MPE MIDI controllers (Rise, Seabord Grand and new Blocks) that have 5 dimensions of modulation:...

Maschine Jam with FL Studio 12.4 Quick Demo

FL Studio 12.4 brought an update to Maschine Jam support. Apart from playing notes with 8x8 grid and FPC notes with 4x4 "maschine-like" grid it now allows to sequence your drums directly from Maschine...

Universal Audio releases UAD v9 with API 2500, Thunderbolt support for Win and more

UA releases new version of UAD software package that includes long waited API 2500 (developed by UAD team) plus Chandler Limited Zener Limiter developed by Softube, A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay developed by Brainworx...

Roland introduces new Boutique models: recreations of TR-909 and TB-303

The limited-edition Roland Boutique series of modules faithfully recreates some of Roland’s most legendary products. With highly-authentic sound reproduction, they’re also highly portable, with a built-in speaker and battery operation for making music whenever...

Roland introduces System-8 Plug-Out synth with Juno-106 and Jupiter-8 models on board

System-8 is the latest synth in the AIRA line. It is based on Roland ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior engine) - component modeling technology. System-8 has three oscillators across eight voices, all loaded with filters, effects,...

NI introduces MaschineJam – new hardware in Maschine family

Native Instruments has introduced new device in Maschine family - MASCHINE JAM is the modern digital instrument – your shortest avenue from inspiration to reality. Capture ideas and create tracks in an intuitive production...

Keith McMillen K-Mix Mixer iOS support

Keith McMillen announced updated version of K-Mix editor with support of iOS. K-Mix is an audio interface (USB powered), Programmable Mixer and Control Surface. Audio Interface K-Mix is a pro-quality USB audio interface with transparent µPre preamps...

Roland Wireless Connect

Roland Wireless Connect is a new system that allows electronic musical instruments to communicate with the iPhone. Consisting of a wireless USB adapter and two new iOS apps, Roland Wireless Connect makes it easy...




Roland Wireless Connect