Expert Sleepers to launch ES-8 Eurorack USB Audio Interface

Expert Sleepers Es-8 is USB Audio Interface in Eurorack format that supports iOS and MacOS devices. Technically it is 12 in 16 out interface having 4 audio mini-jack inputs and 8...

Qu-Bit Wave – Sampler Eurorack module

The Wave is a voltage controlled, polyphonic sample player. It is designed for the simultaneous playback of high fidelity audio files. Each channel has its own varispeed pitch control, allowing for...

Softube Modular Review

First Eurorack Plugin authorized by Doepfer and Intellijel  Buchla and Moog started with modular synthesizers in 1960s and Doepfer made it affordable in 1990s by introducing the Eurorack standard. Softube has introduced Modular...

Reaktor Blocks update brings Eurorack and Maschine integration

Native Instruments has updated Reaktor Blocks to v.1.2 (Blocks is modular Eurorack-style extension for Reaktor 6). New update brings integration of Blocks into Eurorack (or other modular format) setup. NI also introduced couple of new...

Make Noise 0-Coast standalone modular synth is available for preorder

Make Noise has introduced their new synth called 0-Coast (no coast) that can be used as standalone desktop unit as well as integrated into Eurorack setup. 0-coast is an interesting and non-standard...

EuroReakt Blocks with Michael Hetrick

Amazing video from the creator of EuroReakt blocks set for Reactor 6.


NI Standalone Maschine is coming

Thanks for the NI User forum D-One who has found new hardware scripts inside recent Maschine update (2.8.3). According to the scripts...