Blamsoft eXpanse 2 Review

When first version of Expanse came out it was already one of the most advanced synthesizers available in Reason. Expanse synth is developed by Blamsoft - company that brought lots of...

Rob Papen Predator 2 Review

First version of Predator was simple to understand but still advanced and deep synth from synthesis guru Rob Papen. Classical architecture of 3 oscillators and 2 filters and tons of great...

Kilohearts Toolbox – Ultimate Reason Rack Extension Effect Bundle

Kilohearts developers of one of my favorites and best sounding Rack Extension synths kHs ONE has released FX bundle that consists of 23!!! Rack Extension. Reason is unique platform in its...

6 AU for iOS reviewed by Sweetwater

Sweetwater has reviewed 6 Audio Units available for iOS in their last episode on SweetwaterSound YouTube channel.   List of apps available as Audio Units for iOS

AudioShare – Audio Document Manager

AudioShare along with AudioBus and AudioCopy is essential music app. If you use samples in your music production or maybe your workflow involves audio files exchange between apps or you need...


Just the thought of combining the swing and productivity of an MPC controller with the intuitiveness and mobility of an iPad is enough to make most producers dreams come true, now...




Roland Wireless Connect