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Cyber Monday: Best synths on SALE (best prices ever)


Today is the last day of Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals.
And it is unique opportunity to get great deals on the best software synths.

Here’s my top-3:

#1 Vengeance Avenger

Avenger is one of the most powerful synths ever available. And recent update mnade it even bigger - with granular synth engine and more features.

[embed width="480" height="270"][/embed]


Get best deal on Avenger

#2 Reveal Sound Spire

Great sounding synth that was developed to emulate Virus TI but went far beyond that - today Spire is one of the most popular synths used by most of the EDM producers.

Get best deal on Spire

#3 Softube Modular

Softube did great job on brining Eurorack sound to the plugin. And with recent additions of Buchla and 4MS modules - we see a rising Modular platform with truly unlimited capabilities.

Get best deal on Softube Modular

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