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Elastic Drums updated with Sampler engine and is on sale

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Elastic Drums was updated and is on sale.

What's new?

- New SAMPLER engine, with sample pitch, reverse, envelope, and a genuine looper function !!!
- Sample import via iTunes, eMail or AudioShare after purchasing the "sample import" option
- Record your microphone input after purchasing the "sample import" option
- Velocity/Automate edit view on iPad, via longtap velocity/automat button
- top navigation: swipe to prev/next pattern works the other way round now
- Copy instr + seq in Instr option sub screen
- Limited master tempo X (multiplication) as it did not work properly after the Ableton Link rebuild
- fixed badly working Midi Sync out start/stop behavior
- doubleTap on instr parameters will set knob to default
- button/solo labels on instr. buttons
- selecting + longtap on an instruments preset or user sample will open a delete overlay
- warning, if you really want to change to another preset, if you made edits to the current one
- updated to newest libPD version 0.10
- version info in info overlay screen

[appstore id=817419955]

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