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Eventide introduces MangledVerb H9 Signature Series with Intro Price

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Eventide has introduced its brand new VST/AU/AAX plugin MangledVerb - unique reverb plugin based on algorythms of their renowned H9 platform (one of the best pedals for synths - read full overview here). It extends Eventide plugin collection and follows the design of other H9-based algorythms: Blackhole and Ultratap.

MangledVerb is capable of creating lush reverbs, ripping distortion leads and sound-sculpting musical chaos. 

MangledVerb starts with a variable pre-delay which feeds a stereo reverb into a complex distortion effect. Sonically it can range from the light friction of a bow scraping a cello string to the mayhem of a caged beast being poked with a red hot flounder.

Like all the H9 Signature Series plug-ins, MangledVerb excels in live situations. The Ribbon is an innovative control which allows you to program two settings for any combination of the controls and seamlessly transition between them. The programmable HotSwitch allows you to instantly jump to an alternate setting at the push of a button. This combination of controls brings you as close as possible to the experience of tweaking real hardware.

MangledVerb started life as a popular effect algorithm in Eventide’s rack mount Eclipse and is one of the key algorithms included in our Space and H9 stompboxes. The plug-in version has been optimized for anyone working ‘in the box’ and presets can be shared between Space, the H9 and the MangledVerb plug-in.

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