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Fabfilter Pro-Q2 comes to iOS as AUv3

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I can't remember similar week when we got so many pro-news about iOS. It all started with Adobe announcing that next year they introduce full-functional version of Photoshop for iOS... But what it has to do with the music production? Actually it shows two things: 1st - iPad (and of course iPad pro) these days is capable or running professional software, 2nd - creative professionals are using iPads in their work. 

And it might be too far from a music world... but right after Adobe announcement we got two major music software companies releasing their tools for iOS. First, Propellerhead released iOS version of Dr.OctoRex in form of gadget for Korg Gadget app. Even though its interface doesn't look as a professional tool, it does 99% of what original Dr.Octorex does in Reason. And that's not a toy, it is a device heard on countless EDM records and probably on every second Drum'n'Bass track of the last decade. 

And now we get ultimate EQ used by majority of music producers and audio engineers around the world. From Armin van Buuren to Noisia. From Dave Pensado to Luca Pretolesi... 

Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 is no-question the best digital EQ plugin. With great interface and all the features you can expect from EQ plugin. 

Previously available as VST/AU for desktop and as a plugin for Auria iPad DAW, it is now available as AUv3 that you can use in the host by your taste: Cubasis, Auria, Beatmaker 3, AUM and others. Garageband will release an update soon to support AUv3 with MIDI controls and Pro-Q2 will work there soon as well. 

After Pro-Q 2 I will wait for other Fabfilter plugins: Pro-MB, Pro-C2, Pro-R and Pro-L. I'm sure we will see one of those very soon because now it's time to pack iPad Pro with truly professional tools. 


FabFilter Pro-Q 2

by FabFilter

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  •   $29.99 QR code
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    iOS (iPad)

  • Version

    2.13 ⋅ 3 MB

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PS In case you have not found how to change Q parameter - just scroll with three fingers!


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