MeldaProduction released new delay effect plugin: MSpectralDelay.

MSpectralDelay is free till June 3rd.

MSpectralDelay is a unique creative delay plugin, which works in thespectral domain and lets you perform various transformations on the delayed signal – from changing pitch to arbitrarily transforming individual frequencies. It’s complex, but it is still easy-to-use for the beginners.

Traditional delay plugins feature a simple feedback delay, which produces identical copies of the original signal, sometimes with a possibility of filtering, distortion or other basic effects. MSpectralDelay lets you transform individual frequencies. First it lets you control the delay time, feedback, panorama and level (EQ) for each frequency. MSpectralDelay also provides complex spectral transformations – pitch, frequency shift, formants, plus an actual frequency to frequency transformation and level to level transformation.

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