Just couple of weeks age we got a FREE VCV rack – nice modular synth (not yet available as a plugin though). And now, Timo Rozendal released two Max4Live devices:

Mutated Texturizer

The MutatedTexturizer and the MutatedTexturizerAlt are free max for live plugins based on the firmware for the eurorack module Clouds by Mutable Instruments. MutatedTexturizer is based on the stock firmware by Olivier Gillet, MutatedTexturizerAlt is based on the Parasites software which includes additions by Matthias Puech (Olivier and Matthias gave their permission to share this with you, but they are not involved in the port itself)


Second device is Mutated Marco Oscillator

The Mutated Macro Oscillator is a free max for live instrument which is based on the code behind the Mutable Instruments’ module Braids. This code has been ported to a max external (mac only) and it has been made polyphonic (8 voices) and a filter has been added (designed by Surreal Machines) plus 2 envelopes as modulation sources.