Get FREE Buchla Emulation for Reaktor – Cloudlab 200t V2

Cloudlab 200t V2 is beautiful recreation of modular Buchla 200/200e synth. It is second version of Reaktor ensemble we were writing about one year ago – Buchla 200 system for NI Reaktor

Original concept based on Donald Buchla’s 200 and 200e system.
Ensemble programming – Trevor Gavilan.
GUI – David Frappaz, check out his work here:
Technical advisor – Jesse Voccia.
Hardware notes – Jesse Voccia, Antonio Isaac and Leonardo Mendez.
Snapshots by Trevor Gavilan.

Get free Reaktor ensemble at Native Instruments Reaktor User Library:


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Softube Modular

Ableton Link and Turing Machine for VCV Rack – FREE New Modules

Stellare Modular released 2 super useful modules for the free modular synth – VCV Rack.

Music Thing Turing Machine

The Turing Machine module is based on the amazing Music Thing’s Turing Machine Eurorack module by Tom Whitwell. We recreated the modules based on the original schematics of the Mk2 version. Besides the main module we also created the two Mk2 expanders: Volts and Pulses.



The link module is a very simple module which provides a ‘link’ connection with a link enabled application like Ableton Live. It will allow you also to connect two or more VCV rack instances on different computers together which are connected in the same WLAN or LAN. In order to sync perfectly we added a Offset control so you can compensate for any latency introduced in the Link connection.

Download modules from GitHub

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Ripplemaker – 0-coast-like iOS synth

There are not so many truly modular synths for iOS yet. And while all the iPad-sound-designers are waiting for Reaktor, Softube Modular it is really nice to see a new app that was inspired by one of the latest semi-modular synths – Make Noise 0-coast. It is not accurate emulation but rather taking the concept of 0-coast and taking this concept further. 

And it is a great app to get into west-coast style modular synthesis – , FM, low pass gate – things that you don’t find on your normal VA synth… 

Comparing to 0-coast – Ripplemaker adds nice sequencer (available at the standalone app, not AU), noise section (0-coast has only one random s&h output that is hardwired to tempo), LFO and delay.

AU works as an instrument, as it is thing I wish it would operate as an effect as well for some nice FM synthesis or taking advantage of LPG of Ripplemaker. 

It is a really nice app for those who just start with modular synthesis and advanced crazy modular heads 🙂

And here’s Ripplemaker next to 0-coast:

[appstore id=1207806723]

Get Buchla 200 system for NI Reaktor FREE

Some amazing news here for all the modular synthesis lovers.

While we are waiting new modules for Softube Modular and new blocks for Reaktor Blocks – NI User Library got a great FREE ensemble – Buchla 200 and 200e emulation. 

Though it doesn’t follow Blocks specification – it is great recreation of Buchla. If you wanted to try 200 -system but didn’t have $10K – you can get it free for Reaktor. 

It was developed by Trevor Gavilan. Here’s how he describes it:

“Most emulations now a days try to replicate original and existing hardware but the reality is that so much things are put into the mix when soldering components and letting electricity do its work that to me the concept might be very very far away from where we are right now. Another factor that plays along is the human interaction with an interface that could easily re-shape our workflow and in the case of a Buchla system that concept comes naturally since many composers and synthesists around the world continue to redefine the way of working through the philosophy that designers like Donald put into their modules and their system’s interface. I believe that’s one of the main reasons a hardware interface will always continue to be the preferred way of working.”

Here’s the main look of the synthesizer – it looks pretty cool:

Inside London Modular – the showroom selling synths to Aphex Twin and Radiohead

Great video of VynilFactory visiting Modular showroom in London: 

Modular synth showrooms seems to be a new trend for music tech shopping. Well known music stores like Guitar Center can’t get interesting enough setups of Eurorack or Buchla – mostly focusing on stuff from largest manufacturers like Roland and Moog. But such boutique stores / showrooms is the best way to distribute Eurorack/other modular formats. People sometimes don’t know what they are looking for and thus they need to get their hands on the new modules. Such places also could be really inspiring – you can just come there for new ideas. And if you are not in London – here are couple of other Modular showrooms in other countries. 

Modular Showrooms:

PerfectCircuit – Burbank CA, US

SynthMan – Moscow, Russia

SchneidersLaden – Berlin, Germany

London Modular – London, UK