Eurorack Case

One of the first things to consider when starting Eurorack setup is case and power.

Most of the cases come with power supply but you may want to check it first.

Also as you system grow you may find that some modules might not work well with particular power supplies. Or just two modules don't work as expected when connected to the same power bus. 

So that's always a good idea to have two cases from two different manufacturers. 

Here's a good video review of Eurorack Modular cases: 

Semi-modular Synths

One of the best ways to get started with modular synths is to get one of the semi-modular synths.

Moog Mother 32, recently released Moog Grandmother, Make Noise 0-Coast... those are great options to get started. 

Software Emulations

If you just starting it is always a good approach to try to play with software emulations. 

Here're some of the options:

- Softube Modular - best sounding, official emulation of Eurorack modules

- Reaktor Blocks - Reaktor was always great platform for experimentation. And Reaktor Blocks with its huge user library is definitely one of the places to start, experiment and even integrate your computer with Eurorack setup (with the help of modules like Expert Sleepers ES-8)

- VCV Rack - it doesn't sound as good as real thing but is definitely worth trying. On VCV platform you may find 1-to-1 emulations of Mutable Instruments and some other module makers