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Inside London Modular - the showroom selling synths to Aphex Twin and Radiohead

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Great video of VynilFactory visiting Modular showroom in London:

Modular synth showrooms seems to be a new trend for music tech shopping. Well known music stores like Guitar Center can't get interesting enough setups of Eurorack or Buchla - mostly focusing on stuff from largest manufacturers like Roland and Moog. But such boutique stores / showrooms is the best way to distribute Eurorack/other modular formats. People sometimes don't know what they are looking for and thus they need to get their hands on the new modules. Such places also could be really inspiring - you can just come there for new ideas. And if you are not in London - here are couple of other Modular showrooms in other countries. 

Modular Showrooms:

PerfectCircuit - Burbank CA, US

SynthMan - Moscow, Russia

SchneidersLaden - Berlin, Germany

London Modular - London, UK

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