Intellijel uMIDI MIDI interface is simple to setup yet advanced MIDI->CV module.
It comes in a nice small (6hp) format that is not taking much space in your Eurorack. You can connect it to your host (computer, iOS device or any hardware that has MIDI out).
While many older MIDI-CV interface lack important features like clock and clock divider, run/reset triggers – Intellijel team put there everything you need to make a smooth integration of your Eurorack rig, Eurorack sequencers and your computer.

Clock sync

Though my Eurorack setup is pretty large (3 cases filled with modules) I never had specific clock divider module and always needed to find workarounds on how to sync 16th or 8th notes from my DAW (when playing with Eurorack I mostly use Ableton and Reason, sometimes Maschine).
And uMIDI made it really simple – just sync uMIDI with your DAW

and you’re all set. There’s a special 1/16 clock out and another one selectable from 1/32 to the whole note.

Midi notes

Besides typical for MIDI -> CV modules (Pitch, Gate, Trigger) there’s a bunch of other MIDI data translated into CV: MOD (modwheel), Velocity, CC (CC#2 by default).


Configuration is done via Chrome browser where you can tweak some parameters:

Module works really smoothly – no noticeable latency in MIDI data and clock sync is working great even on high BPM rates.