Korg Gadget is finally updated to 3.0. 

This update brings 3 new long-waited devices: audio recorder, guitar recorder and mpc-style sampler. For new Korg Gadget users it is on sale 50% off.

All three new devices are free for existing Korg Gadget users. 

korg gadget

What’s New in Version 3.0.0

• Two new gadgets provide long-awaited audio recording.

• “Recife” – A new powerful drum gadget with 16 pads.

• Supports music sharing service “Allihoopa”. http://allihoopa.com/

• Supports exporting plug-in data with Ableton Live Export.

• Supports audio document manager “AudioShare”.

• Other improvements have been made to enhance stability.

korg gadget download

[appstore id=791077159]

Here are some screenshots of new devices:

korg gadget

korg gadget mpc

Recife – new MPC style drum machine. Though it looks cool and has handy sample controls like length, start (good for chopping breaks), speed and pitch, I have not found a way to add my own samples there. Also one effect seems to be too limited in 2017… (there could be more on the mixing bus but I would expect having effects on individual pads – several types of distortions, delays etc).

Other improvements of a new update include Audioshare support, Duplicate scene in arranger, 

Korg Gadget for MacOS

Korg Gadget for MacOS is available from Korg Shop (right now it says: Currently, the KORG Shop is experiencing heavy access. Please wait for a while until the sale of KORG Gadget for Mac resumes. Thank you for your patience.)

With Regular Price: $299 and Introductory Special Price: $199 I need to say it is crazy expensive for what it does. For $199 you can get LogicPro for MacOS which way more powerful DAW and has much more advanced synths and effects on board. Comparing to sale price of $19 (plus IAPs of course) for iOS – $199 (and $299 as a regular price) feels way overpriced.

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