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Maschine Jam with FL Studio 12.4 Quick Demo

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FL Studio 12.4 brought an update to Maschine Jam support.
Apart from playing notes with 8x8 grid and FPC notes with 4x4 "maschine-like" grid it now allows to sequence your drums directly from Maschine Jam. And it integrates really nicely - you can switch instruments, patterns, change pattern length (automatically while you're adding notes) and tap tempo.
And of course 8 touch faders are assignable to any parameters (actually there are 8 banks of 8 faders so you can link up to 64 parameters to control).

When Native Instruments launched Maschine Jam they provided out-of-the box integration with Maschine and Ableton Live (Ableton integration of sequencing drums with 16-levels of velocity even is not available for Maschine). And now after FL Studio supported Maschine Jam sequencing features it can really became standard MIDI-controller for most of the DAWs. And it is one more reason to get Maschine Jam.

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