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Modular synthesis with iOS course is now available

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Subject Sound and sound designer Jor van der Poel (Camel Audio, Loopmasters, Pyramind, SoundFreqs, ADSR) have launched new sound design course:

Modular Synthesis with iOS apps” featuring Moog Model 15 and Ripplemaker iOS apps.

In this 3-hour course you’ll learn fundamentals and advanced concepts of modular synthesis, how to create your own patches and get the most out of the best modular synth emulations available for iOS: Moog Model 15 and Ripplemaker. 

Course contains 20 exclusive lessons (overall over 3 hours of videos) covering both East-coast and West-coast approached to modular synthesis as well as advanced audio synthesis concepts and 20+ patches for Moog Model 15 and Ripplemaker apps.

More information at
Watch Sample Lesson (Moog Model 15 - Filter and Noise):



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