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Native Instruments announces Massive X

Native Instruments today announced bunch of updates, including new Maschine Mikro mk3 and long-waited Massive X.

Though it is still unclear how it will compare to previous version (that was released about a decade ago) or modern takes on wavetable synths (Serum).

What's important - NI states that "MASSIVE X is an addition to the MASSIVE family, and will exist side by side with the original instrument." 

Massive X compared to its predecessor is more modular. It will allow replacing modules and rearranging some of those. But it won't offer flexible routing that you can find in Reaktor Blocks. It will be more like u-he Diva. 

Here's the intro video: 

And we've captured sample of UI from the intro video:

Massive X

Here's what we can tell about it:

- UI looks more like Reaktor ensembles/Reaktor Blocks. 

- It has two wavetable oscillators. 

- It has bunch of modulators (4 Envelopes, 4 LFOs and 4 steppers?)

- It is not clear where are effects? Maybe there's another page with effects

It should be available in February 2019. But I expect more details to come this fall...


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