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NI Leak Promises Massive X and Kontakt 6 and more

Instruments and Effects

In the recent update of its Native Service utility Native Instruments leaked what we can expect from the next Komplete release. 

First, now Komplete/Maschine Expansions are bundled in Komplete. 

Second, we finally get Massive X (hopefully soon, not in autumn)

Third, Kontakt will have major upgrade. 

Plus there are some new effects (Bite, Freak and Dirt). From plugin names it seems to be various distortion flavours. 

Here's the full list of what is going to be included in Komplete Ultimate 12:

<SNPID>012 Elastic Thump
<SNPID>064 Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic 2
<SNPID>085 Form
<SNPID>087 Symphony Essentials Woodwind Solo
<SNPID>088 Symphony Essentials Woodwind Ensemble
<SNPID>090 Molten Veil
<SNPID>095 Queensbridge Story
<SNPID>140 Massive
<SNPID>151 Skanner XT
<SNPID>152 The Giant
<SNPID>158 Drum Lab
<SNPID>191 RC 24
<SNPID>192 RC 48
<SNPID>204 Reaktor Prism
<SNPID>205 The Finger R2
<SNPID>206 Reaktor Spark R2
<SNPID>209 The Mouth
<SNPID>212 Razor
<SNPID>225 Action Strikes
<SNPID>229 Kinetic Metal
<SNPID>248 Molekular
<SNPID>249 Battery 4
<SNPID>250 Battery 4 Factory Library
<SNPID>269 Absynth 5
<SNPID>275 FM8
<SNPID>294 Supercharger GT
<SNPID>295 Marble Rims
<SNPID>314 Session Horns Pro
<SNPID>324 Kontakt Factory Library
<SNPID>325 Rise And Hit
<SNPID>329 Halcyon Sky
<SNPID>333 True School
<SNPID>336 Platinum Bounce
<SNPID>349 Drop Squad Bundle
<SNPID>391 Reaktor 6
<SNPID>402 Maschine Drum Selection
<SNPID>405 Evolve Mutations
<SNPID>406 Scarbee Pre-Bass
<SNPID>407 Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped
<SNPID>408 Balinese Gamelan
<SNPID>413 Scarbee MM-Bass
<SNPID>414 Scarbee MM-Bass Amped
<SNPID>415 Scarbee Jay-Bass
<SNPID>417 Alicias Keys
<SNPID>419 Evolve Mutations 2
<SNPID>422 Scarbee Vintage Keys
<SNPID>425 Vintage Organs
<SNPID>430 George Duke Soul Treasures
<SNPID>431 Scarbee Funk Guitarist
<SNPID>433 West Africa
<SNPID>435 Studio Drummer
<SNPID>436 Retro Machines Mk2
<SNPID>437 Damage
<SNPID>438 Abbey Road 60s Drummer
<SNPID>439 Abbey Road 70s Drummer
<SNPID>440 Abbey Road 80s Drummer
<SNPID>441 Abbey Road Modern Drummer
<SNPID>442 Evolve R2
<SNPID>444 Enhanced EQ
<SNPID>445 Passive EQ
<SNPID>446 Vari Comp
<SNPID>447 Solid EQ FX
<SNPID>448 VC 76 FX
<SNPID>449 Solid Dynamics FX
<SNPID>450 Solid Bus Comp FX
<SNPID>451 Transient Master FX
<SNPID>452 VC 160 FX
<SNPID>454 Action Strings
<SNPID>456 Monark
<SNPID>457 Abbey Road Vintage Drummer
<SNPID>458 Driver
<SNPID>459 Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass
<SNPID>469 Abbey Road 50s Drummer
<SNPID>471 Lucid Mission
<SNPID>485 Komplete Kontrol
<SNPID>486 The Maverick
<SNPID>487 The Grandeur
<SNPID>488 The Gentleman
<SNPID>489 Rounds
<SNPID>490 Polyplex
<SNPID>491 Kontour
<SNPID>518 Rammfire
<SNPID>520 Reflektor
<SNPID>523 Traktors 12
<SNPID>525 Guitar Rig 5
<SNPID>540 Cuba
<SNPID>546 Caribbean Current
<SNPID>561 Replika XT
<SNPID>568 Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic
<SNPID>569 Emotive Strings
<SNPID>577 Neon Drive
<SNPID>581 Astral Flutter
<SNPID>584 Golden Kingdom
<SNPID>587 India
<SNPID>599 Flesh
<SNPID>632 Velvet Lounge
<SNPID>635 Reaktor Blocks
<SNPID>636 Reaktor Factory Library
<SNPID>653 Cavern Floor
<SNPID>659 Una Corda
<SNPID>663 Kinetic Toys
<SNPID>668 Symphony Essentials Brass Ensemble
<SNPID>669 Symphony Essentials Brass Solo
<SNPID>670 Symphony Essentials String Ensemble
<SNPID>681 Lazer Dice
<SNPID>949 Thrill
<SNPID>FX0 Choral
<SNPID>FX1 Flair
<SNPID>FX2 Phasis
<SNPID>FX5 Freak
<SNPID>K01 Middle East
<SNPID>K02 Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst
<SNPID>K04 Session Strings Pro 2
<SNPID>K6E Kontakt (6)
<SNPID>MXE Massive X ???
<SNPID>MXL Massive X Library ???
<SNPID>NB1 Native Browser Preview Library
<SNPID>SE1 Symphony Essentials Percussion
<SNPID>X01 London Grit
<SNPID>X03 Byte Riot
<SNPID>X04 Decoded Forms
<SNPID>X05 Deep Matter

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