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Omnisphere, Eurorack and Behringer: Superbooth 18 Highlights

Modular Synths

Everyone who loves synthesizers as we do was waiting Superbooth so see new Eurorack modules and new synths. 
But that was a surprise for me that most interesting and unexpected announcements came from software companies. 
Spectrasonics announced Omnisphere 2.5, Propellerheads made an announcement for Reason 10.1 and a new rack extension developer that is porting their Eurorack modules to Reason rack. 
Omnisphere 2.5 introduces something that was never seen in softsynths before - integration with hardware synths. And it goes far beoynd simple midi mapping of synth controls. Omnisphere recreates architecture of original hardware with specially designed presets. So you can expect your LFO and Envelopes to modulate proper parameters without even touching the software. See complete review here:
Propellehead made bunch of cool unexpected announcements:
  • Reason 10.1 and new player devices: Drum Sequencer by Propellerhead + 3rd party Rack Extensions (Euclidian Sequencer and others). Those players can be used with External Midi Device to send MIDI data to hardware synths/Eurorack systems
  • Europa Sample Loading for wavetable or spectral filter
  • Noise Engineering modules come to Reason rack

Behringer showed great collection of prototypes of recreations of vintage synths:

MS101 - Recreated Roland SH101

Odyssey ARP clone

Pro One clone

Roland TR-808 clone

Eurorack news and updates

Strakal Orsel: Tube distortion, Crude VCA, Noise Generator and Oscillator module:

Sonic Potions Buzzcut and Dispatch (interesting idea of touch router “use your fingers as patch cables”)

Roland System 500 new modules

Befaco new modules

Pittsburgh new sequencer



Xaoc devices new modules

Modor comb filter

Endorphines Drum Module

Erica synth Drum Techno System

U-he first Eurorack module



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