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Propellerhead brings sample import to Rack Extension format in Reason 9.2

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Propellerhead has updated Reason to 9.2 bringing long waited and much requested feature of sample loading for Rack Extension format. Now we can expect to see many new Rack Extension plugins with sample loading features - samples, drum machines, granular synths, convolution reverbs and other sample-manipulation devices. Another great addition to new Rack Extension SDK is an ability to create "more user friendly interfaces with hideable widgets and panels, improved displays and more"

With update of Reason 9.2 there are two new Rack Extensions of third party developers available:
- Blamsoft Expanse 2.0 (free upgrade for existing users) - powerful wavetable synth now with wavetables import feature and support of Serum-compatible wavetables
- Proton by LoveOne/Selig Audio - first granular synth for Reason

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