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Propellerhead CTO talks about prototypes of RackExtensions running in iOS and Web

I recently found this video that came unnoticed. But it reveals some new things about what Propellerhead is their labs.

In his keynote, Magnus Berger, CTO of Propellerhead explains the idea behind Rack Extensions and how its multiplatform technology allowed them to create a code to run those rack extensions in iOS and on the web browsers.

About this video:

Rack Extensions, the native plugin format in Reason, was designed to run on any future architecture, in any kind of host. Get a detailed glimpse of the design goals, behind the scene technical decisions, and get an understanding of how we are able to move plugins rapidly between platforms with zero effort from the developer even long after the plugins are released.

The talk is cross-disciplinary and will cover a broad range of subjects, all the way from sandboxing, LLVM bitcode manipulation, referential transparency, declarative retained mode UIs, 2D vs 3D modelling, to WebAssembly and where Meltdown/Spectre fits in all this.

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