Few days ago Propellerheads announced one of the most interesting plugin subscription products on the market. For $9, $19 or $29 /month you can choose rack extensions you want to rent for one month. Next month you can replace it with something else. 

Are all the rack extensions available? 

Not really. Even though there are wide selection of available synths, effects and utilities, some great REs are not available for subscription: u-he REs, Audio Damage REs – those were pioneers of the RE market but as far as we know developers were not happy with the RE format and don’t support new Propellerhead initiatives. 

Can I use rented REs without Internet? 

No. That’s the weird one. If you rent other VST plugins – Slate Digital, Softube etc – you can use those without connection. I know many producers that have their computers disconnected from the Internet while they are working. I personally like playing with Reason while I’m on a plain… I hope they fix it in the future. 

What are REs you recommend to rent? 

There are amazing devices available exclusively for Reason. Check out Blamsoft, Synapse, Rob Papen, Robotic Bean, Kilohearts and many others. 

Here is the list of my favorite REs: 
– Synapse Legend
– Blamsoft Viking II
– Chinelle Chorus
– both D16 effects
– Softube TubeTech Channel Strip
– Softube TSAR1
– Propellerhead Parsec
– Sonic Charge Echobode
– Kilohearts effects collection
– Reveal Sound ReSpire (even though it is still feels like a beta version)
– Resonans Physical Synthesizer

What are your favorite REs? Share with us and lets make a custom iDesignsound bundle 🙂