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Reason Compact for iOS... Really?

iOS synth

Welcome back Propellerhead!
It is nice to see something new from Propellerhead. And I was really excited to see Reason in the AppStore. But it appeared to be cut down version of Europe synth with some extra features. 
It might be a nice app for sketching down a melody, export it to Reason and continue working on it there. But the app as it is now is simply NOT READY. Usually apps from indie developers are better tested when released. 
When you open it - you see an interface that looks very similar to Novation Groovebox (Come on, Propellerhead! Is that your level? From a company that made Reason - software with one of the most recognizable UI in music tech and later made one of the most popular music apps - Figure we could expect much better quality).
It is called Reason Compact but as for now it is cut down version of Europe synth. Are other devices coming? Why did they release Dr.Octorex (aka Stockholm device) for Korg Gadget, but didn’t include it into their own Reason Compact app? BTW, first version of Gadget app was 10x times more functional and interesting comparing to Reason Compact. 
I don’t want to be too negative here and I hope Propellerhead fix all the bugs in their app and add other devices from Reason - Kong, Dr.Octorex, Grain, Scream, Pulverizer.. But right now it can barely compete with other music apps (Korg Gadget, BM3 or Cubasis with all the AU plugins..) and looks like a very basic music box that intends to sell IAPs and preset packs for Europe. 
Anyway - it is free and I don’t see a Reason not to try it
UPDATE: Here's a comment from Propellerhead Instagram account: Reason Compact will be developed further to contain more tracks and instruments - including drums - so this is just a beginning.
And here's the list of the most popular Reason devices, probably we can expect some of those: 
  • Grain (granular synth)
  • Thor (probably easiest to include as they already ported it to ios)
  • Parsec (cool additive synth)
  • Kong
  • Dr.Octorex (probably should come next as they have recently added it to Korg Gadget)
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