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Ripplemaker - 0-coast-like iOS synth

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There are not so many truly modular synths for iOS yet. And while all the iPad-sound-designers are waiting for Reaktor, Softube Modular it is really nice to see a new app that was inspired by one of the latest semi-modular synths - Make Noise 0-coast. It is not accurate emulation but rather taking the concept of 0-coast and taking this concept further. 

And it is a great app to get into west-coast style modular synthesis - wavefolder , FM, low pass gate - things that you don't find on your normal VA synth... 

Comparing to 0-coast - Ripplemaker adds nice sequencer (available at the standalone app, not AU), noise section (0-coast has only one random s&h output that is hardwired to tempo), LFO and delay.

AU works as an instrument, as it is modular thing I wish it would operate as an effect as well for some nice FM synthesis or taking advantage of LPG of Ripplemaker. 

It is a really nice app for those who just start with modular synthesis and advanced crazy modular heads :)

And here's Ripplemaker next to 0-coast:

[appstore id=1207806723]

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