Softube has introduced new module for their Softube Modular – Eurorack emulation plugin.

Roli is leading manufacturer of MPE MIDI controllers (Rise, Seabord Grand and new Blocks) that have 5 dimensions of modulation: Touch – Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift.

Softube has added module that receives this MIDI data (with up to 4 voices/notes) and transform it into CV signal that can be used to modulate any module.

With Softube Modular ability to send CV signals as audio – you can also connect your computer to Expert Sleepers ES-8 or ES-3 or any other compatible audio interface to send this data to your Eurorack.

It is great to see more MPE-ready VST coming in (is it because Roli acquired Juce?).

PS It won’t work well in Ableton Live for now as Ableton doesn’t support MPE – you need to use Bitwig, Cubase or Logic (other DAWs have limited support of MPE) to get all the modulation sources working properly.