I was waiting this module for long time… now you can do much more with your Modular setup. And with recent releases of other modules – Buchla complex oscillator and Doepfer LPG you can go crazy with West Coast synthesis…
Universal envelop generators that can work as LFO, Envelope or even Oscillator on audio rates are essential in any modern modular setup (it might be Make Noise Maths, Befaco Rampage or 4MS PEG… and now Softube Modular feels like complete modular system for me.


Get 4MS Pingable Envelope Generator for special introductory price

Here’s offical press-release:

Softube is proud to announce the 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG). A new and long-awaited addition to the Softube Modular ecosystem, it opens up a vast array of possibilities beyond the basic ADSR envelope generator included in the core Modular package. Two independent envelope generators can be ‘pinged’ by external sources – your DAW clock, for example – to define the cycle-length of the envelope(s) and generate rhythmic effects and interactions never before possible in Modular.

Fully licensed and endorsed by 4ms, manufacturers of the original hardware, the 4ms PEG expands your creative horizons. Create crazy polyrhythms for percussive clicks and beeps, or match the elastic wobble of a dubstep bassline to the tempo of your track with ease. Multiply the pinged tempo of each channel to fit two, three, four or more envelope cycles into each beat, or divide to generate longer cycles which still conform to your pinged tempo. And send the envelope generated by one side to CV modulate the parameters of the other. This module is fantastic for fun experimentation, and often results in happy accidents.

Get 4MS Pingable Envelope Generator for special introductory price