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Softube releases TubeTech MK II, De-Esser and Tube Delay for Modular

Instruments and Effects

Softube has released bunch of Spring updates: 

  • Major update to their best selling Tube Tech collection
  • Tube Delay as a module for Softube Modular
  • Weiss Deess - transparent and effective De-Esser

Tube Tech MK II

The Mk II version benefits from all the sonic improvements to its component parts – a complete ground-up remodel of the CL 1B, and an update to the EQs using our very latest signal processing technology – as well as having stunning new high-resolution graphics and additional features.

  • Improved sound, with a total remodel of the CL 1B, along with an update to the EQs using our latest signal processing technology.
  • New features – mid/side processing, and in the CL 1B, side-chain low-cut filters and parallel blend.
  • Spectacular new high-resolution graphics.
  • Still the same epic audio processors they always were.
  • A ‘Pultec’-style low and high end equalizer.
  • Mid-range equalizer with the same passive, tube-driven design.
  • The CL 1B optical compressor - a modern classic in a plethora of genres.

Price: $349

Get Softube Tube Tech MK II Collection


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