Yeco – new multitouch controller for Ableton Live

When I first have seen Yeco picture – I thought that’s a new hardware controller with touch-screen, and next thought was “hm… why would anybody make new device when you have lots of ipads and androids”. But Yeco is something new.

Addressed for people with Touch-enabled displays on Win and Mac (well, that’s mostly for Windows because there are minority of people using touch displays with Mac) that app would work great on devices like MS Surface. I need to say that Ableton Live is almost unusable on the MS Surface comparing to touch-friendly DAWs like FL Studio or Bitwig. So a good touch-layer is something that most of Live on touch-screen devices would love.

The app itself is fully-featured controller with clips launcher, keyboard, hex-keyboard, drum-pads for drum racks, xy-pads, mixer and Live-devices controller.

Here’s short intro video to get an idea of how it works:

Though multi-touch is not officially supported in OS X there’s a workaround for that using Touch-Base driver.

As there’s no demo version available you can check out Yeco features with set of 12 tutorials:

Software is available from the website: and it costs 45 EUR (no demo version is available). Yeco works with Ableton Live 9.x.

Some other solutions to control Ableton Live with multitouch screen require iPads and 2 of my favorites are Touchable (great push-like keyboard, intuitive interface for Live devices control, Live browser support and many other great features) and Conductr (highly customizable app with great user interface).

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Chordion is a fun new way to make music on the iPad. Choose chords with one hand and play melodies with the other – never hit a wrong note! Chordion is great for performing, writing songs, jamming, or having sing-alongs with friends.

Chordion makes it easy to play common chord changes in any key. In “auto” mode, Chordion’s keyboard follows the chords you play, letting you strum up and down or effortlessly pluck out melodies. The built-in drum machine & arpeggiator help you keep the beat.

More experienced users will love the wide range of customization options – from the layout of chords to synthesis parameters to exotic scales. Chordion’s built-in synthesis engine is highly tweekable and easy to use – create echoing lead lines, shimmery chimes, and dreamy drones. Chordion also supports MIDI, allowing you to control other instruments using Chordion’s unique interface.

Fun, inexpensive and surprisingly versatile. Works well as a two channel midi controller, although without anything fancy like pitch bending. Still, well worth the money!

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DEVO Synthesizer featuring unreleased DEVO sounds coupled with a powerful Devo Robot Maker & Photo booth:

Kit Robot has been working in collaboration with pop icons DEVO for the last year to bring you this exclusive App featuring unreleased Sound Loops from the 1980s Devo Archives, allowing you to play and mix your own music using our unique DevoBots loop synthesizer. Inspired by analogue synths and toy organs from the 1970s, we bring you a sound device reminiscent of DEVOs own synths utilizing their very own sound.

“This App will capture your imagination and bring out the child in you!” You can use it to create your own music and art, bomb photographs or as a creative learning tool for your children”.

DevoBots also includes our Kit Robot Avatar engine combined with unique DEVO color form assets, enabling you to create your very own DevoBot Army or any character or decorate your photos with unique Devo assets.

This is the first ever App utilizing one of the most influential bands of the last 40 years, making this the must have No 1 DEVO App.

A 2 in 1 App.

DevoBots is a digital robot assembly kit, like a digital Lego, paper dolls or Mr Potato Head. The user can create millions of robotic characters out of the box using our professionally created assets, mimicking the bands outfits and personas from the past 40 years. You can also take photos of your friends to turn into DevoBots or anything you want! DevoBots is also a music loop synthesizer for use as a unique sound generator for your recordings, for fun or live in a professional setting, by manipulating the sound in realtime to achieve unique, layered sound.

New Assets and Sound packs will become available through In App Downloads making the app ever evolving and modular.


• Play with DEVO competition. Create a track to be featured by DEVO in an up coming release or promo.

• 2 in 1 app, DEVO Synthesizer and DEVO Robot assembly Kit

• Original DEVO music loops from the 1980’s

• Create and manipulate layered music in realtime using our unique effects pad

• Sample your own sounds through the mic with the onboard sampler

• Expand the synthesizer by collecting new DEVO sound banks as they become available

• Including over 10,000, Free, professionally designed assets inspired by the evolution of DEVO – Devolution

• Use the DevoBot camera to decorate photos of your friends and family

• Collect new DevoBot asset packs as they become available

• using the art tools, Output over 1 million robotic designs to Facebook, Twitter etc,

• create desktop images, posters, Tee shirts using Hi Res Retina output.

• Use your own background to display your artwork

• Hi Resolution Retina screen interface

• Share your designs easily with friends online

Kit Robot are proud to be working with DEVO to bring you this unique multi media creation kit.

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