Propellerhead brings sample import to Rack Extension format in Reason 9.2

Propellerhead has updated Reason to 9.2 bringing long waited and much requested feature of sample loading for Rack Extension format. Now we can expect to see many new Rack Extension plugins with sample loading features – samples, drum machines, granular synths, convolution reverbs and other sample-manipulation devices. Another great addition to new Rack Extension SDK is an ability to create “more user friendly interfaces with hideable widgets and panels, improved displays and more”

With update of Reason 9.2 there are two new Rack Extensions of third party developers available:
– Blamsoft Expanse 2.0 (free upgrade for existing users) – powerful wavetable synth now with wavetables import feature and support of Serum-compatible wavetables
– Proton by LoveOne/Selig Audio – first granular synth for Reason

GarageBand – a huge step forward

Recent GarageBand update is a huge step forward for making a full-featured DAW. After playing for a few days with the update – I really dig into new features and here’s what I see as the game-changing updates:
Effects section
Finally we have the ability to insert effects into the tracks.
Apple added 13 effects: Bitcrusher, Chorus, Distortion, Effect EQ, Flanger, Microphaser, Overdrive, TrackEcho, TrackReverb, Tremolo and Vocal Transformer + Visual EQ (3-band visual EQ), Noise gate and Compressor as well as ability to add AU-effects.
With variety of AU effects and much more coming from third-party developers you can process your sound quite dramatically.
Interoperability with Logic Pro
Thanks to the iCloud Drive and update of Logic pro you can now easily export your Logic pro project into GarageBand for iOS. When exporting it bounces master channel into project with the single audio track and tempo information.
Of course you could do that before with bouncing your Logic project into audio file and open and import it in the new GB project. But it requires several steps that could kill the creativity and desire of continue working on your project on iPad and iPhone.
And as always you can export your GB iOS project back into Logic.
Alchemy synth
After acquisition of CamelAudio and introduction of Alchemy in Logic it was just a matter of time when it comes to iOS. This synth alone (even limited in controls) makes installing GarageBand worthwhile.
Touch Instruments
Though there were no updates in Touch Instruments this time – with ability export your Logic work-in-progress into GarageBand and add some touch performance to it makes it much more valuable. And with extended processing and AU effects support you can get truly unique sound.
iPhone or iPad
On the iPad we have good variety of options when it comes to iOS DAWs: Cubasis and Auria are powerful DAWs capable of many things that are still missed on the GarageBand. But all the new things mentioned before: new effects, touch instruments, Alchemy synth and interoperability with Logic put GarageBand back into the list of DAW-to-to.
For the iPhone situation is a bit different – GarageBand along with Korg Gadget are the only powerful solutions that allows you to make a full track and though I love Korg Gadget – for many things I would prefer GarageBand.
What’s Missing and What’s Next?
First – having full featured synth would be really nice. Vintage synth from logic or ES-2 could be very good choice and latest iOS devices are more than capable of running many instances of those.
Second – better audio editing. Both Cubasis and Auria are way better in this part.
Third – more professional effects. 3-band EQ is nice but what about 8-bands? Some better reverbs and delays? Send and return tracks? I’m sure sooner or later we will see all these features implemented and it is great to see Apple keeps updating its music software.

[appstore id=408709785]

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Best Christmas VST deals [2020]

FLASH SALE ALERT: Waves is offering 2 free plugins when you buy 2:

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Native Instruments is also offering 50% off all products:

As always, Plugin Boutique is also offering some crazy deals and freebies, check them out here:

Ho ho ho! Christmas and New Years are (almost) here. And with it come some insane deals on VST/AU plugins.

This year, we’ve combed through all the available deals to bring you the best of the best.

Below you’ll find a summarizing table, for a complete list scroll down.

We’ve also got some freebies. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a table of freebies.

Plugin Type Type
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Soundtoys Devil Loc 90% Limiter Was $79, is $9 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
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Waves Gold Bundle
89% Over 40 Waves Plugins Was $799, is $84.99 4 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Native Instruments Christmas Deal 25$ Voucher + Free Reverb Plugin All Native Instruments Products Massive X Was $199, is $174 31 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
WA Production Total Presets Bundle 97% Synth Presets Was $394.5, is $9.85 4 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
W.A Production Christmas Bundle 93% Transient Shaper (Puncher), Compressor, Saturation, Stereo Imager (Pumper 2), Multi-band Compressor (The King) Was $257, is $19 4 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
iZotope Christmas Bundle 95% RX Elements, Nectar Elements, Neutron 3 Elements Ozone 9 Elements, Trash 2 Expanded, DDLY, Mobius Filter Was $713, is $49 9 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Soundspot Union 90% Synths + Expansion Packs Was $155, is $17 9 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Soundtoys Little Radiation 88% Saturation Was $79, is $9 3 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Inphonik 50% Vocal Processing Was $55, is $27.5 16 December 2020 CHECK OFFER
Soundtoys Holiday Sale Up to 73% Delay, Filter, Echo, Limiter, Phaser, and much more Was $149, is $39 3 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
XPand!2 95% Virtual Instrument Was $69.99, is $4.99 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
JST Holiday Sale Up to 70% Amp simulators, Limiter, Filter, and much more Was $49, is $14.7 30 December 2020 CHECK OFFER
Air Music- The Riser 87% Synth Was $79, is $9 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Native Instruments SoundIron Bundles 80% Synth Was $1159 is $229 Not Known CHECK OFFER
SturmSounds Electro Winter Sale 51% Kontakt Instruments Was $49, is $24 4 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Audiority Effects 80% All Kinds of FXs Was $25 is $5 7 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Wave Alchemy Complete Drums 2 81% Sample Pack Was $524, is $99 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Air Vacuum Up to 90% Vacuum Synth Plugin Was 99$, is 9$ 6 January 2021CHECK OFFER
Denise End of Year Sale Up to 67% Reverb, Limiter, Phaser, Bit Crusher, Compressor, and much more Was $99.5, is $31.9 and comes with Slappy Delay Unit FREE 3 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Soundtoys Little Radiation 88% Saturation Was $79$, is $9 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Glitchmachine’s Holiday Bundle 90% Glitch VST Plugin Was 167$ is 10$ 5 January 2021CHECK OFFER
AAS Holiday Sale Up to 51% Synths Was $39, is $19 22 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
IK Multimedia 50% VST Plugins: Synths, Drums, Limiters, amongst other Was 449$ is 249$ 31 December 2020CHECK OFFER
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SONiVOX Orchestral Companion Strings Mega Sale

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KiloHearts Reverser Snapin FREE

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Arturia Sale

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Positive Grid Holiday Sale

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Rob Papen X-Mas Sale

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Free Christmas VST Plugins

As is usual, several plugin makers have released freebies for the holidays season- Gotta love that christmas spirit.

Here are our favorites so far:

Plugin Type
Expiry Date
Download Link
Black 76 Limiting Amplifier FET Compressor/Limiter 26 December 2020 DOWNLOAD
iZotope Ozone Imager V2 Imager Unknown DOWNLOAD

Got any more deals / freebies, leave them in the comment box below!

Pumper – Stereo Imager, Compressor and Saturator in one plugin

Pumper is a new VST/AU plugin from Plugin Boutique that provides three modules in one plugin: Stereo Imager, Compressor and Saturator

It is simple to use and versatile plugin that you can use on either individual instruments or group busses.

Download Pumper from Plugin Boutique

Pumper features

  • Three modules in one plugin
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Smooth compression algorithm.
  • Gain reduction frequency shaping.
  • Analog style rich and easy to use saturation.
  • M/S based stereo expander – wide stereo image.
  • Accurate and punchy compressor with 4 variations.

Steinberg releases Cubase 9

What’s new?

  • New Transport Bar
  • New Windows/Zones system
  • New Sampler Track
  • Mix Console History
  • New 8-band channel EQ
  • Updated plugins



See how our Cubase Pro 9 DAW steps up the game on all levels! Watch this video that runs you through some of the latest feature additions to one of the best music recording and production software applications out there. There’s the Sampler Track, which is much more than merely the sampler Cubase users have anticipated. There’s also the user-requested mixer undo/redo feature pertaining to the ultra-capable action history that lets you access and branch out from past actions. In its completeness, Cubase Pro 9 focuses not only on new tools but zeros in on greater stability and workflow enhancements — just look at the Plug-in Sentinel and improved cloud collaboration features! Surely, realization should have kicked in by now and you understand that Cubase Pro 9 delivers everything you’ll ever need to produce music from start to finish.

Roli brings back Seaboard keyboard from original Noise app

Roli has released a new app called Seaboard 5d. After release of recent update of Noise app original touch-keyboard (emulation of Seabord keyboard) has disappeared and replaced by new Blocks interface. Also old soundbanks (that sound amazing) also were lost. Of course many old users were unhappy by loosing soundbanks they have purchased and by loosing old Seabord-style keyboard.

And we all know that Roli is amazing company that would brings lots of new great products on the market and their Seabord Rise keyboard is becoming modern classic – so they reacted very fast on all the user complains – today they have released Seabord 5d – new app with old functionality. And what’s even better all the great Soundbanks (sounds extracted from their exclusive Equator software synthesizer) are FREE. So grab the app and get some great sounds while is free!

[appstore id=1173937855]

[asa_item id=”1173937855″]

Image Line updates FL Studio to 12.4

Image Line releases FL Studio 12.4 with new Transistor Bass plugin that is Image Line take on Roland TB-303 (though I can’t say it sounds authentic – it has more flat digital sound comparing to original or D16 plugin version – which is probably closest software emulation of 303 synth).

What’s more important new version comes with FLM – FL Mobile plugin which is exact copy or Android/iOS/Win mobile apps. iOS and Win are not yet released and will be available soon.
FLM brings smooth workflow for musicians that are using Android and iOS devices for music production. It’s a pretty comprehensive studio app that has several intstruments (Mini-synth, Transistor Bass, Direct Wave sampler and GMS instrument) as well as comprehensive set of effects. With easy synchronization process you can get your mobile production right in FL Studio desktop so you can further tweak your project or add FL/VST instruments and further evolve your tracks.

More plugins were updated with Vectorial graphics – so you can scale them and those look nice on any resolution (including retina displays and Surface Pro/new Surface Studio).
Updated are: FPC, Harmles, Ogun, Parametric EQ 2, Slicex, Vocodex.

FL Studio update download (including free trial) is available on Image-Line website

ehDirtDelay – new free delay plugin for Ableton Live/Max4Live

ehDirtDelay has a number of unusual if not novel features:

Outside the feedback loop:
– A pre-delay for expanded rhytmic potential.
– Two syncable LFOs with per stereo channel phase settings.

In the feedback loop:
– Unipolar amplitude modulation, for adding dirt, noise and glitch.
– A basic reverb for diffusing the signal or “metalizing” it.
– Three choices for overdrive / distortion.
– Samplerate / bitdepth reduction.

Convenient signal routing options:
– Stereo or mono input.
– Mute left or right input.
– Swap left and right input.
– Feedback stereo balance.
– Invert feedback phase.

ehDirtDelay is available at

Roli updates NOISE with all new interface and Blocks controllers support

ROLI – developer of innovative Seabord and Seabord RISE keyboards has introduced new controllers for their iOS music app – Blocks. And today they have updated their iOS app NOISE with the support of Blocks. And actually updated app looks like complete rebuild with the whole new concept of Blocks in mind.

Here’s how previous version looked like:

And here’s new version:

So it is a complete redesign – I don’t know why but ROLI has decided to take out old keyboard that had few modulation dimensions and few faders – and leave only new “Blocks” interface without much control over sound…

UPDATE from ROLI: “We’ve redeveloped NOISE from the ground up, and that’s why we’ve had to temporarily disable Seaboard View and other features. Not to worry, though! We will reintroduce them within a month. We apologize for any inconvenience that the temporary removal of these features may have caused.”

If you liked previous version and had some IAPs – don’t update – wait while they fix it.

The new version is more like Scram or Figure. It is very simple – you just touch the screen and music plays. No IAA, no AU, no Audiobus.

So the app is really basic though it sounds pretty good. All embed sounds (there are not many) are pretty playable especially while modulating them by moving your finger.

And new controllers are amazing I think. Watch these videos:

It is really cool set of modules. Really small but still playable. And with several modules you can create your own unique layout. I just wish ROLI either develop NOISE app to give more control over sound or open MIDI interface to control other apps.

[appstore id=1011132019]


KORG Monologue – NEW Analog Mono Synth with Aphex Twin touch

Another great update from KORG – after announcement of release of ARP Odissey for iOS – KORG has announced Monologue – their new mono synth that will be available in January for just $299.

It is available in 5 colors – so you’ll need to think a lot which one you prefer.
The keyboard has 25 keys – from E to E (not your regular C to C keyboard) – pretty reasonable decision for a synth focused on bass sound. Front panel is pretty typical for a 2 oscillators synth (except advanced sequencer and tiny display showing waveforms or menu). To build Monologue KORG took the best from Minilogue and added new sound sculpting abilities – “completely new filter, modulation, drive, and LFO can generate powerful basses and sharp leads, creating awesome mono sounds that showcase its single-voice design”.

From what we can hear on the sound demos – synth sounds amazing! Check out the video:


What stands this synth apart from others is advanced sequencer, waveform display and advanced microtuning developed in partnership with Aphex Twin.

In essence:

  • Analog synthesizer with all-new synthesis structure optimized for amazing monophonic sounds and sequences
  • Fully programmable, with 100 program memories (80 presets included)
  • 16-step sequencer with extensive motion sequence technology to make your sound move
  • Microtuning lets you freely create scales and alternate tonalities\
  • Oscilloscope function helps visualize the waveform in real time
  • Battery-powered for portability
  • Rugged and stylish with aluminum top panel, chassis-mounted pots, rubber-coated knobs, and real wood back panel
  • MIDI, USB MIDI, and Audio Sync for all types of in-studio and live connectivity, including direct sync with minilogue, SQ1, volca, electribe, and more
  • Five color variations that will shine on stage or in the studio
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