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Steinberg releases Cubase 10


As was expected Steinberg has released Cubase 10 - updated version of one of the most powerful DAWs on the market. 

Cubase 10 brings improvements to the user interface ( for high resolutions), improved sidechaining (finally!!!), Variaudio 3 and much more.

One of the most significant new features in Cubase is VariAudio 3’s new functions. Tuning vocals, vocal editing and vocal pitch correction are now more flexible and accurate then ever before

Watch this videos to learn more:






Cubase Pro 10 brings a host of new features to your studio to enhance your workflow and help add extra creativity.

VariAudio 3 - Pitch and Time Correction

VariAudio has been improved and its features expanded upon. Adjust formants, transitions and pitch shifts with ease.

Redesigned Channel Strip

The channel strip has been redesigned with an attractive new UI for easy readability. There are also extended metering elements for visual feedback when editing your audio.

Mix Console Snapshots

Miz Console snapshots allow you to easily switch and compare different mixes, from different EQ settings on one track to the whole mix. This is great when stuck between two mixes and want to quickly decide which one to use, or to highlight improvements that could be made.

Audio Alignment

New the Cubase 10 is the audio alignment tool. This will automatically assit in aligning multiple audio recordings, perfect for double tracking vocals and guitars.

Groove Agent SE 5

Groove Agent 5 introduces all new sounds and workflow improvements. There are 20 new kits to choose from totalling up to gigabytes of sound, and a re-sizable interface makes usability a breeze.


New VariAudio 3, improved in every way for perfect vocal editing

New Audio alignment tool, easily sync your backing vocals

New Mixer snapshots, create alternate mixes and compare them instantly

New Distroyer plugin, brand new non linear distortion plugin, very thought after by producers

New redesigned console Channel strip, with better visual feedback, control and functionality

New Vintage Verbs for REVerence, new collection of vintage reverb impulses

New Groove Agent SE 5, based on the brand new Groove Agent 5, includes "The Kit", and 20 new Beat Agents for electronic music production

New 5GB exclusive content library(all versions) with fresh sounds/loops produced by top acclaimed producers (from Allen Morgan to Florian Meindl and Beat Butcha)



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