MaschineR Jam – Control Reason from Maschine Jam

Retouch Control has introduced MaschineR Jam – software package to provide full control of Propellerhead Reason and Reason devices via Native Instruments Maschine Jam controller. 

Retouch Control already released software that allows controlling Reason from Ableton Push, NI and Maschine Studio, iPad. Today they’ve introduced ultimate for Maschine Jam – which takes features you would expect from Maschine Jam: (Kong and Redrum) controller and sequencer, mixer controller, devices parameter controller etc. and pushes the concept further with some innovative ways to play with instruments like Animoog-like keyboard – you can play notes with touch strips of Jam controller and use Y-position on the as a Mod-wheel. Though it might work well only in mode as Reason doesn’t have proper MPE support. 

How to edit note length and velocity on Maschine JAM

Here’s an excellent tutorial by ADSR sounds on how to edit notes in Step Sequencing mode on Maschine Jam in Maschine 2.6. 

Learn more about recent Maschine 2.6 update

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Maschine Jam with FL Studio 12.4 Quick Demo

FL Studio 12.4 brought an update to Maschine Jam support.
Apart from playing notes with 8×8 grid and FPC notes with 4×4 “maschine-like” grid it now allows to sequence your drums directly from Maschine Jam. And it integrates really nicely – you can switch instruments, patterns, change pattern length (automatically while you’re adding notes) and tap tempo.
And of course 8 touch faders are assignable to any parameters (actually there are 8 banks of 8 faders so you can link up to 64 parameters to control).

When Native Instruments launched Maschine Jam they provided out-of-the box integration with Maschine and Ableton Live (Ableton integration of sequencing drums with 16-levels of velocity even is not available for Maschine). And now after FL Studio supported Maschine Jam sequencing features it can really became standard MIDI-controller for most of the DAWs. And it is one more reason to get Maschine Jam.

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