Best Electric Piano emulation for just $9 – Lounge Lizard on SALE

AAS Lounge Lizard – to my ears is the best electric piano emulation and it is on crazy sale – just $9.99 in Plugin Boutique. 

Download AAS Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard Session delivers authentic classic electric piano tones with outstanding sound quality, action, and feel.

Compressor and Equalizer: Craft your sound and add punch.

High-end effects: Tremolo, chorus, phaser, and reverb especially tuned for an electric piano.

Key controls: Craft your tone with access to key synthesis parameters acting on the mallet, pickup, tine, and tone bar.

Character knob: Provides five classic studio and stage signal path emulations.

Library: 16 sounds based on a classic Rhodes from the award-winning Lounge Lizard EP-4.

  • Rhodes, Rhodes Tremolo, Rhodes Chorus, Rhodes Phaser, Compressed Rhodes, Dark Rhodes, Dark Rhodes Tremolo, Dark Rhodes Chorus, Dark Rhodes Phaser, Bright Rhodes, Bright Rhodes Tremolo, Bright Rhodes Chorus, Bright Rhodes Phaser, Groovy EP, Nearly Wurli, EP Bass.

Get Lounge Lizard (limited time offer $9.99)

Overloud Tapedesk – new Console + Tape Machine Emulation Plugin

Overloud’s TAPEDESK is a tape simulator and a console emulator packed together into a single plugin that replicates the warm tones of an analog mixing workflow.

Simulates three legendary analog consoles

Simulates a 2-inch 24-track tape machine

Recreates the interactions between the console and the tape machine

Offers precise metering of any point in the sound chain

Simulates all of the transformers in the original units

Very low CPU usage: open the plugin on each track of your session

Many presets designed during real mixing sessions

Top 5 Free Reverb Plugins (VST/AU)

Reverb is one of the most widely used effects by audio engineers to give audio signals a sense of space in a mix. Over the years, the quality of free reverb plugins has greatly improved, often rivaling paid plugins.

Though I use many of the paid plugins (including some very expensive like Altiverb and UAD Reverbs) – this nice free  reverb plugins can still find its place in any production. Some of these are Windows compatible only, while few are also available for Mac OS X.

PSP Plugins Winter Sale – up to 72% off

PSP Plugins are on Winter Sale with up to 72% OFF:

Get the deal

PSP Buss Pressor

PSP BussPressor is a compressor optimized for group and master buss processing. It combines the sound of classic VCA compression with wide tuning capabilities. Extra controls allow you to adjust a side chain high pass filter or apply parallel compression.

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PSP McQ captures the sonic character and functionality of various classic console equalizers such as the versatile MCI console EQs. However, while PSP McQ was inspired by these analog classics, we added several modern features such as adjustable high pass and low pass filters, steepness (resonance) control for the shelving filters, optional bell filters for the low and high bands, and three nominal Q values for the midrange filters. We packed the PSP McQ full of musical features, such as gain following Q factors for the midrange bell type filters. By this, we mean that the Q factor of these filters gradually increases along with increases in boost or attenuation. The PSP McQ is especially suited for deep track tweaking in order to get a desired sound for a track, or to get great track separation in the mix.

Get the deal

More plugin deals here

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Stacker – Ultimate Drum Layering and Sound Design Tool

Update: It seems as though stacker has been discontinued 🙁

For a similar (and FREE!) alternative, check out Drum Boxx.

Got any other alternatives?

Let us know in the comment box!

Sample Magic – the company behind countless sample packs has released their new VST/AU plugin for Drum’s sound design.
It combines Drum sampler with layering capabilities, Drum synth, bunch of cool on-board effects and deep customization and modulation capabilities: multistep envelopes, mod matrix etc.

For a limited time it is on sale 38% off – download Stacker by Sample Magic.

Sampler window:

Drum synth:

Multi-stage Envelope:

Effects section:

Presets: 1208 presets covering Kicks, Snares, HiHats, Cymbals, Percussion, Sub Bass, FX, styles / genres created from over 750 audio files

Available at PluginBoutique – 38% off for a limited time.

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Best Christmas VST deals [2020]

FLASH SALE ALERT: Waves is offering 2 free plugins when you buy 2:

This is the cheapest prices we’ve seen all year- Gold bundle @ 129.99$

Native Instruments is also offering 50% off all products:

As always, Plugin Boutique is also offering some crazy deals and freebies, check them out here:

Ho ho ho! Christmas and New Years are (almost) here. And with it come some insane deals on VST/AU plugins.

This year, we’ve combed through all the available deals to bring you the best of the best.

Below you’ll find a summarizing table, for a complete list scroll down.

We’ve also got some freebies. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a table of freebies.

Plugin Type Type
Expiry Date
Soundspot Up to 95% Reverb, Saturation, EQ, and More Was $130, is $5 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Soundtoys Devil Loc 90% Limiter Was $79, is $9 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Editor’s Choice- Best Value
Waves Gold Bundle
89% Over 40 Waves Plugins Was $799, is $84.99 4 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Native Instruments Christmas Deal 25$ Voucher + Free Reverb Plugin All Native Instruments Products Massive X Was $199, is $174 31 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
WA Production Total Presets Bundle 97% Synth Presets Was $394.5, is $9.85 4 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
W.A Production Christmas Bundle 93% Transient Shaper (Puncher), Compressor, Saturation, Stereo Imager (Pumper 2), Multi-band Compressor (The King) Was $257, is $19 4 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
iZotope Christmas Bundle 95% RX Elements, Nectar Elements, Neutron 3 Elements Ozone 9 Elements, Trash 2 Expanded, DDLY, Mobius Filter Was $713, is $49 9 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Soundspot Union 90% Synths + Expansion Packs Was $155, is $17 9 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Soundtoys Little Radiation 88% Saturation Was $79, is $9 3 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Inphonik 50% Vocal Processing Was $55, is $27.5 16 December 2020 CHECK OFFER
Soundtoys Holiday Sale Up to 73% Delay, Filter, Echo, Limiter, Phaser, and much more Was $149, is $39 3 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
XPand!2 95% Virtual Instrument Was $69.99, is $4.99 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
JST Holiday Sale Up to 70% Amp simulators, Limiter, Filter, and much more Was $49, is $14.7 30 December 2020 CHECK OFFER
Air Music- The Riser 87% Synth Was $79, is $9 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Native Instruments SoundIron Bundles 80% Synth Was $1159 is $229 Not Known CHECK OFFER
SturmSounds Electro Winter Sale 51% Kontakt Instruments Was $49, is $24 4 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Audiority Effects 80% All Kinds of FXs Was $25 is $5 7 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Wave Alchemy Complete Drums 2 81% Sample Pack Was $524, is $99 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Air Vacuum Up to 90% Vacuum Synth Plugin Was 99$, is 9$ 6 January 2021CHECK OFFER
Denise End of Year Sale Up to 67% Reverb, Limiter, Phaser, Bit Crusher, Compressor, and much more Was $99.5, is $31.9 and comes with Slappy Delay Unit FREE 3 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Soundtoys Little Radiation 88% Saturation Was $79$, is $9 6 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
Glitchmachine’s Holiday Bundle 90% Glitch VST Plugin Was 167$ is 10$ 5 January 2021CHECK OFFER
AAS Holiday Sale Up to 51% Synths Was $39, is $19 22 January 2021 CHECK OFFER
IK Multimedia 50% VST Plugins: Synths, Drums, Limiters, amongst other Was 449$ is 249$ 31 December 2020CHECK OFFER
Newfanled Audio- Elevate Bundle 50% VST Mastering Plugin- Multi-band Limiter, Human-ear EQ, Saturation and Audio Maximizer Was 179$, is 89$ 15 December 2020 CHECK OFFER
Zynaptiq PITCHMAP 50% VST Plugins- Pitch Shifter Was 359$ is 89$ 16 December 2020 CHECK OFFER
Softube 54% VST Plugins- EQ, Channel Strip, Compressor, Amp Simulator, And More Was 280$ is 135$ 1 January 2021 CHECK OFFER

SONiVOX Orchestral Companion Strings Mega Sale

Nothing sets the mood like well-done string ensemble, they’re lush they’re dramatic they’re emotionally evocative. Save 99% off

Get SONiVOX Orchestral Companion Strings

iZotope Nectar Elements Sale

Getting a great vocal sound doesn’t need to be hard. Whether you’re recording or you’re mixing, Nectar Elements makes vocal treatment a snap. The award winning Nectar Elements from iZotope is currently over 70% off

Air Music Xpand!2 Mega Sale!

Back by popular demand, the ultimate Air Music Xpand!2 sale. Save 99% off the awesome workstation during our Christmas promotions!

KiloHearts Reverser Snapin FREE

A festive gift from the guys at KiloHearts. Get their Reverser Snapin for FREE until 28.12.16! Seasons Greetings!

Trash 2 + Expansions + FREE DDLY Sale 70% OFF

Distort in ways you never dreamed with the Trash module’s 60+ distortion algorithms, perfect for transforming your sound into something never before heard. For a limited time save 70% off and get two expansions and DDLY for FREE!

Air Music AIEP3 Complete Upgrade Sale

Calling ALL Air users! Upgrade from Any Air Instrument or previous Instrument Expansion Pack and save 50% off the upgrade path. The new AIR Instrument Expansion Pack is an inspiring collection of virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools for the modern producer, composer, and performer.

Eventide Sale

Save up-to 75% off Eventide’s ground breaking and award winning plugins during our end of year sale.

Softube Holiday Sale

Softube award winning plug-ins are the products of partnerships with great hardware manufacturers, such as Solid State Logic, Abbey Road Studios, Trident Audio Developments, Valley People, Tube-Tech, Summit Audio and Tonelux Designs.

Arturia Sale

Save 50% off Arturia’s industry leading emulations of classic instruments that have inspired and defined generations.

Positive Grid Holiday Sale

Our friends over at Positive Grid are running some great savings throughout the whole of the festive holiday period. Save on their fantastic guitar amps, pedals and fx collections.

Rob Papen X-Mas Sale

Save 20% off the awesome collection of creative effects and instruments from Rob Papen in our X-Mas Sale. (Exclsuing Predator 2 & eXploer4.

Free Christmas VST Plugins

As is usual, several plugin makers have released freebies for the holidays season- Gotta love that christmas spirit.

Here are our favorites so far:

Plugin Type
Expiry Date
Download Link
Black 76 Limiting Amplifier FET Compressor/Limiter 26 December 2020 DOWNLOAD
iZotope Ozone Imager V2 Imager Unknown DOWNLOAD

Got any more deals / freebies, leave them in the comment box below!

Pumper – Stereo Imager, Compressor and Saturator in one plugin

Pumper is a new VST/AU plugin from Plugin Boutique that provides three modules in one plugin: Stereo Imager, Compressor and Saturator

It is simple to use and versatile plugin that you can use on either individual instruments or group busses.

Download Pumper from Plugin Boutique

Pumper features

  • Three modules in one plugin
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Smooth compression algorithm.
  • Gain reduction frequency shaping.
  • Analog style rich and easy to use saturation.
  • M/S based stereo expander – wide stereo image.
  • Accurate and punchy compressor with 4 variations.
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