In the last few days two developers of Rack Extensions announced that they are going to release new synths soon and posted some previews. 

First is a new version of Blamsoft Viking – VK2. Which is complete redesign of Viking synth (available as Rack Extension for Reason and as iOS AU-compatible app). 

Blamsoft VK2 Rack Extension

VK2 is collaboration project between eXode and Blamsoft and has all-new DSP code and flexible modular structure:

  • All new DSP
  • Polyphonic
  • Modular Internal Routing
  • Audio Rate Modulation
  • Oscillator Linear FM
  • Notch Filter (LP – HP crossfade)
  • Filter FM
  • Unison
  • Effects
  • Back Connections Galore 

Learn more at Reasontalk forum

Second RE plugin that was announced recently is a powerful rompler (sample based synth) with 4.2GB library of sounds and cool modern looking interface. New synth is called Aquios X4 and it is developed by DNA Labs. Their previous rompler-synth was Hydronexius workstation and it received very good reviews from Reason community. Based on success of their first synth DNA Labs took the concept even further and dramatically extended sound library. New device price is expected at $119.

DNA Labs Rack Extension for Reason

DNA Labs Rack Extension for Reason

“Twice the ROM size as the Hydronexius(4.2 gb of content). New fx, new filters, new sounds, more knobs, more fun.”

Learn more on Reasontalk forum

And of course most of Reason users are waiting for RevealSound Spire which was announced as Rack Extension for Reason while ago. 

Read more about Spire

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