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VCV Rack now hosts VST plugins

Big news for all VCV Rack (software emulation of Eurorack system) users - with a new Host module it can host any VST instrument or effect with the ability to send stereo audio signal to effects and gate/cv and up to 16 modulation parameters to Instruments.

It would allow not just use your favorite synths in Rack but also open new possibilities of recording your VCV sound/performances. You can for example use Native Instruments Maschine FX or similar plugins that can record/sample incoming signals to record audio and process it later in stand-alone version of Maschine.

Variety of VST effects will open new possibilities for sound coloration - you can add anything from simple modulation effects, analog hardware emulations to mixing effects, limiters, compressors. And of course you can now combine excellent Softube Modular or Arturia Buchla Easel that to my ears sounds way better than VCV modules with all the creative VCV modules.

With VST hosting VCV takes its platform to a truly new level.

VCV Host is available at VCV website for $30

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