It’s time for another waves plugin festival.

This year, waves is offering 40% off all its plugins and packs during the month of September.

This includes some classic bundles and plugins that can cost hundreds of dollars- Now just at a fraction of that.

Get your reverbs, distortion, echoes, compressors, limiters, and much more, at killer prices!

To take advantage of this promotion, simply use the discount code FEST40 on checkout

Of all the available promotions, some of our favorites include:

Abbey Road Chambers: This classic waves plugin is part of the abbey road pack, which we’ve previously named as one of our favorite waves plugins.

Get that classic beatles sound with the abbey road chambers plugin.

In fact, the whole Abbey Road collection is in promotion. Usually it costs 1399$, but during the month of September it is priced at only 197$ with the coupon FEST40.

CLA-76 Compressor / Limiter: Another fan favorite, the cla-76 is known for its super fast attack. There’s not much to say about this plugin, if you know, you know. It is currently being sold at 35.99$

Gold Bundle: One of the best selling waves bundles, this pack consists of compressors, equalizers, reverbs, effects, and pretty much all you would need to mix and master. It usually costs 799$, but with the coupon, it goes to 79$

SSL e-channel: This one also featured in our favorite waves plugin article. It’s a classic plugin for hard hitting snares and kicks and it is currently priced at only 39$

Vocal Rider: This plugin is a miracle worker when it comes to vocals. It automatically adjusts levels, making them sound cleaner. It’s currently priced at 41.99$

We could go on for hours, but to be honest, each producer will have their own preference. We’ve listed some of our favorites, but you’ll probably have your own preferences, so we highly encourage you to check out all the deals for yourself.

Got any other recommendations? Post them in the comment box below!