Best Plugins for Logic Pro X

Last Updated on December 29, 2020 by IDS Team

Logic Pro X comes with a lot of different amazing stock plugins. You can create a hit record with everything that comes by default.

For music production or for mixing vocals, you can do it all using an array of well crafted plugins that will help you define your sound like the pros.

Sample delay:

This is a plugin that a lot of people overlook including myself until recently, you can slap this bad boy on any sound you’d like to be panned differently and to sit a little wider in the mix.

You can either choose to have a delay on the right or on the left. This doesn’t work too good with instruments that are typically known to hit directly in the middle (Kicks, snares for example) but it works wonders on FX like risers.

It helps give life to instruments or voices.

You can also use them on open hats and percussion as well.

I recommend trying it out and seeing how it influences your mix and finding how it fits perfectly to your taste. It’s very easy to use, only has two knobs and the job is done very quick. Great simple interface to work with on this plugin.

Bit crusher:

This plugin is fantastic for adding a bit of distortion to anything you’d like. I personally like to use it on kicks and snares to add a little grit. What’s important to keep in mind is that less is more. Always.

Play around with the mix knob as it will become your best friend to achieve the best results possible to have a powerful sound but that doesn’t sound too distorted either.

Try adjusting the down sampling along with the resolution to find the best balance to enhance your sound.

Rather simple plugin to use as well and quick to get what you need out of it.

Channel EQ:

The default EQ that comes with logic has a very transparent sound, is incredibly easy to get by on, and is visually engaging.

It’s a go to for easy adjustments on any track.

What makes this EQ special is it’s simplicity and visually appealing look. It demands very low CPU usage and therefore makes it a favourite for applying in whichever situation.

Pitch Correction:

Logic comes with it’s own built in Pitch Correction, also known as Autotune.

It’s very easy to use and only requires to adjust two knobs, one to put in the key of the song, the other is to adjust the power of the autotune applied.

It can achieve great results and can sound very robotic if needed.

Stereo delay:

This is a plugin I use just about in every mix. From vocals to transitions to hi hats, it works literally everywhere.

What’s amazing about this plugin is that you get to adjust each side individually to generate very interesting rhythms that compliment each other.

By default the left side comes at 1/4 and the right side is at 1/8. I tend to leave it as it and play with the feedback to fit my taste for that particular track.

You can play around with this plugin on hi hats to make intricate patterns that make tracks very bouncy. To make this plugin even better, the creators made sure to include a built in filter for each side.

So you get to filter high or low frequencies left and right and really craft a sound that is unique. One of my favorite stock plugins by far.


The tremolo is another interesting plugin that can be used for many different situations. It works well to add movement in a song.

It pans the sound left and right continuously, and can be very fluid or extremely rapid, depending on the speed.

Putting a tremolo on instruments help it stand out in the mix, and always be in motion.


The exciter is another tool that comes with Logic Pro’s arsenal that can be used virtually anywhere.

This plugin can enhance pleasant harmonics or if needed more prominent distortion, but when used in little amounts it can tremendously boost a whole track.

This plugin works well in the mixing stage as well when wanting to add some extra harmonics on a master bus.

You can use it on a piano to give a little more grit and power, it works very well with guitars as well. It can be applied on vocals as well to make them stand out more in a mix.