Kilohearts Toolbox – Ultimate Reason Rack Extension Effect Bundle

Last Updated on December 22, 2020 by IDS Team

Kilohearts developers of one of my favorites and best sounding Rack Extension synths kHs ONE has released FX bundle that consists of 23!!! Rack Extension.

Reason is unique platform in its modularity and ability to modulate almost anything. But for the last 5-6 years Propellerhead was not updating built-in effects so most of the Reason stock effects look really outdated in 2016. kiloHearts brings nice alternative to stock effects and much more…

And new kiloHearts bundle is definitely brings Reason to the next-level in terms of effect plugins – starting from classic delay, reverb, distortion, filters to the creative trance gate, tape stop and other effects.

All those effects were taken from kiloHearts Multipass VST/AU plugin. But having all these effects in Reason environment gives way more flexibility. First – you can modulate effect parameters from CV outs of other devices (Pulsar LFO, Martix Pattern Sequencer, Synchronous and many-many others). Second – some effects have modulation outputs: Trance Gate – has gate and envelopes CV, Formant Filter’s X/Y CV outs – connect those to modulate your synths or other effects. Next – with free Mid/Side and Multiband splitters from other developers you can start building your own crazy effect chains – multiband distortion, delay, compression or even more creative multiband resonator and trance gate.


FREE Rack Extensions

Start with Kilohearts effects is really easy. Apart from 30-day free trial you can get 5 free rack extensions:

– Gain – nice tool for gain control in complex patches with great visual signal level monitoring
– Classic effects: Chorus, Delay
– And couple of effects that may be good alternative to MClass Reason devices: Limiter and Stereo Width where you can CV control all the parameters!!!

Unique Effects

Some of the effects are truly unique for Reason and can change your sound dramatically.
My favorite from the whole bundle is Resonator – it adds harmonic resonance and sounds really good. Connect Pitch CV – and resonance frequency follows notes you’re playing.


Another gem in the collection is Trance Gate that is gating your signal based on the pattern that you setup on a nice circled sequencer. The user interface is really well thought-out and really easy and intuitive to use. It sounds great on anything and shines on any static sounds – it could bring to life even simplest one-note pad.


Comb and Formant filters – those two are another amazing additions to the Reason rack. Similar to Resonator – Comb Filter has Pitch CV in so it can follow notes you’re playing – it is also nice to connect it to sequencer and play some random sequence.
Formant Filter is really easy to use with X/Y pads controlling how you transform you sound into vowels (as I mention before – you can use X/Y as a CV source).

Tape Stop – is another unique device which obviously does slowing/stopping and starting playing tape effect. And of course you can trigger it from any CV-gate source.


Toolbox Bundle

Each of the new devices mentioned is really worth its price of $19 per device. But they are really shine in combination with others. With all these effects you can take any simple synth (even SubTractor) and transform it into the ultimate up-to-date sound. All the parameters are CV controllable – it makes the bundle great experimental toolbox. But course you can just make subtle processing of your audio adding coloration and movement.

And it is great to see all those devices combined in a bundle for just $149. Less than $10 per device!

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