One of most popular free VSTs was finally updated with 64 bit support.

It is available as VST/VST3/AU format for MacOS and VST/VST3 format for Windows. That was done by migrating the source code to JUCE.

SMEXOSCOPE is a waveform visualisation plugin. It’s a great tool developed by the guys over at Smart Electronix, who did us all a solid and released it for free!

Download s(M)exoscope completely free here

This is, in our opinion, the very best free oscilloscope vst in the market.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the interface looks like:

The 2 first knobs in the upper right hand corner control the “zoom” of the display: The time know controls the number of pixels per sample, whilst the amp knob controls the amplitude of the wave.

It also comes with some pretty nifty wave analysis tools, such as:

  • amplitude (linear)
  • amplitude (decibels)
  • length (in samples)
  • length (in seconds)
  • length (in milliseconds)
  • frequency

All in all, its a pretty cool tool that you can use in sampling, sound design, and mastering.

For a deeper look into its features, you can check out the docs here.

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