Softube Modular Updated

Last Updated on February 16, 2017 by IDS Team

Softube has updated Modular – official Eurorack synth emulation with modules from Doepfer and Intellijel. 

Though there are no new modules in this update – it is great to see proper drag’n’drop implementation for modules. With the new release it is much easier to rearrange modules in the rack. 

The center bar now also follows sideways scrolling in small interface sizes, and the CPU usage has been reduced.

Since Softube now using Gobbler for updates – updating Modular takes just few minutes – Launch Gobbler and click Update on Modular. 

In the next update that is coming in spring Softube promised release of new module “modelling an existing Eurorack hardware module, and you will love it”. I hope to see something like Make Noise Maths that could really increase the possibilities of the Modular dramatically. Also it would be really good to see Mutable Instruments Clouds and 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator as virtual modules in Modular.

Get Softube Modular

Read official Softube press release

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