The Complete List of Coronavirus Music Production Freebies

Last Updated on December 29, 2020 by IDS Team

What a time to be alive.

Over half of the world is locked down in their houses, fighting a virus that will most likely

And whilst there is plenty to be sad about, there are also a whole bunch of silver linings.

Pollution levels are down, people are coming together more than ever, and now, even the “big bad” corporations are showing solidarity towards bored stuck-at-home producers by giving away their most prized products for free or heavily discounted.

Today’s article is our effort to compile all these freebies and deals for easy consumption and download.

Expiry Date
Editor’s Choice
Ableton 10 Live
100% Free 90 day free trial CHECK OFFER
Logic Pro X 100% Free 90 Day Free Trial CHECK OFFER
Cloudbounce Mastering Tool 70% Annual Plan was $199.99, is $59.99 Unknown CHECK OFFER
Fender Play Guitar Classes 100% FREE First 100 000 users CHECK OFFER
AudioThing SR88 Emulator Drum Machine 100% FREE UnknownCHECK OFFER
Synthmaster One iPhone 100% FREE Unknown CHECK OFFER
Arturia iSpark iPhone Drum Machine 100% FREE 30 April 2020 CHECK OFFER
Initial Audio Sale 100% FREE 3 July 2020 CHECK OFFER
Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound 100% FREE 3 July 2020 CHECK OFFER
Reaper 6 100% FREE 1 July 2020 CHECK OFFER

So here they are, in table form:

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