0-coast inspired iOS synth by Bram Bos

Last Updated on May 14, 2017 by IDS Team

Bram Bos – developer of series of great iOS apps inc. Ruismaker shared a new video with his new app: RippleMaker. 

As Bram explains: 

It’s a pre-wired modular (like e.g. the 0-coast) with internally normalized connections. Why? Because this makes it easy to jump in without having a clue about west-coast synthesis. Shit will work without patching a single wire into it 

Then you can go wild plugging cables in willy-nilly and see what happens. It’s much more free-form than east-coast modulars (like the Model 15). You can turn the slope into an LFO, or loop it so it becomes a pseudo oscillator. Or you can route the output of the Lopass Gate into the Oscillator’s FM for screeching chaos, Use the LFOs for triggering envelopes while modulating its rate with random noise, etc. etc.

Audio and control voltages run @ 4x oversampling speeds, so you can abuse anything as an audio signal or vice versa and it’s all at a min. of 176KHz sampling rates.

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