Beatmaker 3 – the most complete iOS music workstation

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Intua – pioneers of iOS music apps released Beatmaker 3 – new version of their powerful DAW. 

Honestly, I never was a big fan of Beatmaker 2 – even though feature-wise it was one of the most powerful apps few years ago, from the workflow and usability point of view it was not the best app for me… 

But Beatmaker 3 changes everything for me and thousands other musicians waiting for powerful Maschine/MPC-like DAW. And Intua delivered!

Beatmaker 3 – can easily compete with Maschine and MPC desktop software. And easily beats their mobile versions. It has everything to create complete tracks whether you make sample based music or using heavily synths and other instruments. 

Playing with the beta for a week I found it pretty intuitive and very powerful workstation. It has the best sampling engine on iOS platform: recording, chopping, assigning to pads, looping, time stretching… everything you may need from a modern sampler… Wide variety of built-in effects. Support of AU, IAA, Audiobus, Ableton link… 

We were waiting too long for a full featured Maschine/MPC version but Native Instruments and Akai are now far behind 

I think that Intua could easily charge $50 for such an app – but it is just $20. Which is unbelievable kind gesture. I was not so excited by new apps since the launch of Korg Gadget. I think every iOS musician should have Beatmaker 3 on their iPad. And if you don’t have iPad – Beatmaker 3 is a very good reason to get one.

Download Beatmaker 3 from the AppStore

[appstore id=1060317024]

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